The International Law Office For Legal & Arbitration Consulting


Our aim is to provide legal services at the highest professional level, capable rendering effective solutions mainly in the following areas...


Along with Anwar Bader AlMutairi Law Firm specializes in Criminal & Civil Laws, Corporate and Commercial, International Banking and Finance, Islamic Finance, Franchising, Construction, Securities, Taxation, Patent Register, Commercial Litigation and Arbitration, Capital Markets, Intellectual Property, Government Contracts, Foreign Investment, Real Estate, Insurance, Maritime and Shipping, International Trade, Oil and Gas, Projects and Privatization, Agencies and Distributorships, Private Client Services, Personnel Laws, Offset, Mergers and Acquisition.

We work in Organized manner and for that we have specialized group of legal advisers in the following disciplines:

General International Law: supervised by Dr. Anwar Bader Al-Mutairi. (Receiver of PhD in international law).

Civil Law: (Insurance, Agency, Rent Business, Contracts, Commission to collect the debts of and Sales).This section is under Chancellor Mr. Ahmed Abou AlFotouh AlMallah, experience more than thirty years, (Lawyer member of the Egyptian Court of Cassation).

Commercial Law: (Investment Companies, Work Contracts, Banks Money Market , Maritime Transport Contracts). This section is supervised by Lawyer Mr. Abdel Radi Abdul Majid, Master in Commercial and Maritime Law, experience of Twenty-five years in the Legal field. (Lawyer member of the Egyptian Court of Cassation & Arab Lawyers Union).

Criminal Law: General section + misdemeanor offenses, Regular and Special Issues. This section is supervised by Mr. Mohammed Mohammed Chadli. (Lawyer of the Egyptian Court of Cassation - Member of the Arab Lawyers Union).

Training, Research and Management Consulting Department, headed by Dr. Mohammed Abu al-Khair.

In addition, the Department of Administrative Law, Suit, Cancel Administrative Decisions, Defective and Claims, Staff and Workers Rights Settlement. This section is supervised by Lawyer – Ms. Abeer Mohammed Al-Mutairi, Lawyer Ms.Bashaier Nabil Al-Awadi, and are responsible for preparing a lawsuit. Newspapers and Memorandums of Defense are supervised by Chancellor Mr. Abdel Radi Abdul Majid and assisted by a team of Researchers of Law - Mr. Mohammed al-Shami and Mr. Ahmed El Zini.

Personal Status section: (Appointment of Guardians and Values Issues) under the supervision of lawyer Ms. Abeer Al-Mutairi.

Department of delegates:

This section maintain files and reviewing of courts of different degrees of court, as well as review of all ministries and government bodies and shall bring claims and submit claims. This section is in under supervision of Mr. Noorudin Al-Husseini and Mr. Mahmoud Chadli.

Secretarial and Printing Section

This section is under supervision of - Ms. Huda, Mr. Ali Ahmed, and Mr. Mohamed Roushdy.

The office has sub branches to follow up the issues in each of the following regions - the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Arab Republic of Egypt, Kingdom of Morocco, Kingdom of Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

There is also a Foreign/Overseas Department supervised by Dr. Anwar Bader Al-Mutairi, associated by Mr. Sanjay Tripathi.

Department of Record & Securing Files

Including the issues of ending Record Book.

Record keeping of Securities Assets until response from Clients

Record keeping of Assets of Agencies.

Accounting and Contracts Section:

This section is under the supervision of Mr. Mohamed Mohamed Chadli, assisted by Mr. Mahmoud Chadli.

Office-wide Work and Terms of Reference:

Prepare prosecutions and appeals and provide performance orders in Newspapers.

Submit complaints to the competent authorities (DPP General Administration of investigations of Consumer Protection).

Providing grievances of designated administrative decisions

Contract preparation and legal advice.

Prepare the defense notes.

Audience in front of Management experts and make statements and provide documents, make notes and move on to display with experience.

Implementation of the provisions and the receipt of funds by res judicata

Action Alert eviction of real estate in each command requires it

Express Management Consulting for businesses and business owners

Prepare the organization to work regulations.

Subscription with Dasman Institute for National Training, holding training courses for the staff of Public and Private Sector in the field of Law.

Premises of our Law Office is in the region – Salmiya- Al-Bada’a Roundabout, Block 6- Opp. Fifth Ring Road- Bldg. 15- First Floor. Office covering area 450m2.

We look forward in the near future to be in excellent platform and provide choices of the best services to our clients and we pledge to do our best to achieve parameters of your requirement and get full of your rights. In the hope of your visit to our Law Firm office and we are committed in providing the best service to our clients