The International Law Office For Legal & Arbitration Consulting


The international law office for legal and arbitration consulting was established a few years ago by the lawyer Dr Anwar Bader Mutairi who did his best to solidify prestige predicated on devotion and veracity in work.
He cared vigorously for composing a distinctive team work composed of an elite group of lawyers, chancellors, and legal researcher’s specialist in sundry areas of law and arbitration and having a High-level of theoretical and practical experience, and they have been culled because of their experiences and their upscale professional ethics.

Composing the team work predicated on Arab and peregrine experts in order to engender an amalgamation of comprehensive legal erudition and exchange of experiences at an international level, So as to make the administration foresight of all differences, developments, changes and fundamental distinctions between the laws of all Arab and peregrine countries in order to present a distinct services to our customers around the world.


Our main aim is to present a distinct and advanced services to serve the justice by different methods apart from the usual ways in the law firms in the Middle East, so our office studied the methods of Law services and culled the best way and developed it and added new techniques that combine all the advantages and High-level Law services for sake offering, the highest level of superior performance that satisfying all customer demands and protecting their interests.


It’s a matter of pleasure to present our services and our unlimited experiences in law and arbitration in your hands, inside and outside the State of Kuwait, through the help of Allah, and our practical and theoretical experiences, besides our international relationship with our partners around the world; we will serve your interests wherever you are.


Prosperity is the commencement of the way to achieve an illimitable series of successive achievements, the example is not always the dazzling start but keeping prosperity is a Proof of deserving it, the prosperous work must be built upon a congruous and vigorous legal bases.

From this standpoint and to achieve the desired goal which is the prosperity and preserving its continuation, we found that the way to achieve the goals is to take the shortest possible and least costly ways as the long experiences proved. And that will not transpire in the field of law firm and arbitration consulting, without absolute acquaintance of all laws and legislation's, and following-up the all changes and developments at once, and that is the full secure for doing any prosperous legal work, whereas the congruous legal erudition avails in evading the jeopardy of being involve in acts in infringement of the rules and constancy laws which infringing it cause being penalized. So we must be especially conscientious in studying all legal aspects of every step which supposed to be taken by the person or the company in order to achieve the legal security.

Dr: Anwar Bader Al-Mutairi
Lawyer in the Court of Cassation and the Supreme Constitutional Court